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31-03-2009, 02:49
Hi, I'm currently trying to work out what sort of insurance to get (possessions/contents etc). I'll be arriving at the start of May and staying at my girlfriend's place. Of course, I'm aware that insurance is usually a dirty word and generally people in Moscow don't bother. Even my girlfriend hasn't renewed this year. And maybe I'll come round to this way of thinking eventually. But for now, I'd like to get some to cover my stuff. It would mainly be electrical items (laptop etc). Can anyone suggest an all-encompassing expat policy or insurance company that caters for:

Contents/valuables etc (in the flat and on the street)
Emergency healthcare/repatriation
Personal Accident
Baggage/flight delay (when travelling)
Loss of passport/cash

Or maybe I'm shooting for the moon. I've seen separate overseas property, longstay travel and backpacker insurance, but none of them seem to come in one handy package. Maybe I'd just be better off getting laptop insurance and travel insurance. Any suggestions?

02-04-2009, 03:40
Thanks. My question has been answered by the lack of response. I've decided not to bother with contents insurance. I might get my laptop insured, along with emergency healthcare. I'm obviously learning faster than I thought. :10641:

02-04-2009, 19:24
I didn't have any luck when I was looking for contents insurance a couple of years ago. Now I have no insurance whatsoever because I can't find a policy that will insure me, since I've spent more than 6 months out of the past year out of the UK. So if I get sick, I'll be at the mercy of the Russian doctors...

02-04-2009, 23:25
My insurance yo-yo experience continues (and I have decided to offer something back to the forum by sharing it)! In my renewed quest to exhaust all insurance options in the universe, I have discovered a company that will offer overseas contents insurance. But when I asked this company if there was a comprehensive 'expat' policy to cover all areas (other than full blown health insurance) the answer I received was 'I wish there was a policy just like you listed below because we would sell them by the bucket load!'. So I now think it's only possible to get overseas contents insurance, separate health insurance, and travel insurance that will offer coverage at certain points in the year (ie when in transit). But, of course, all of these insurance policies combined will be very expensive. So maybe I will pick the insurance type I feel is the most important (I guess it's body vs possessions)! Or maybe I'll put my neck on the line, and not bother with any of it.