View Full Version : Seeking advice on Contemporary and PostSoviet Russian Literature- Who is not to miss?

30-03-2009, 19:43
Hi everyone,

My knowledge of Russian authors is antiquated, and I want to become contemporary. Can anyone recommend to me key contemporary and post-Soviet Russian authors and their main works? It would be a double bonus if these were available in English somehow.

I am completely in the dark on this, so any help would be much appreciated, including the most obvious names.

Thanks for your help!

30-03-2009, 21:01
I think you better read some classic russian authors. There are no one compare to them ;)

31-03-2009, 14:19
The most obvious name for post soviet is Victor Pelevin, you can read his works here Тексты / Виктор Пелевин :: сайт творчества (http://pelevin.nov.ru/texts/) although not in english. i have seen his works in english things like Omon Ra, Yellow Arrow (?).

Short stories by Dina Rubina, Yury Mamlaev and Tatyana Tolstaya are wonderful but I cant remember what their collections are called. they are all brilliant writers

A few years ago Boris Akunin was massive with Fandorin series detectives; some of them are in english but some have names like 'the snow queen' which are different from tha russian titles. they are not so much literature but good stories and are good for learning russian.

when i was studying here a few years ago, Evgeny Grishkovets was everywhere; he writes rambling but sweet and witty accounts of how convoluted and hard modern life is. they dont go anywhere much but i enjoy them anyway.

that is the sum total of my literary knowledge. when you find some good writing can you let me know too? i feel very out of ze loop as zey say

31-03-2009, 16:42
Ludmila Ulitskaya is the only one who comes to mind.
I quite like Petrushevskaya'a short stories, and although she started back in Soviet period, she is still working - so I dunno where to place her.

31-03-2009, 17:06
You can check authors who were shortlisted for Russian literature awards.
There is Alexey Ivanov, Mikhail Shishkin, Dmitriy Bykov, Olga Slavnikova