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30-03-2009, 13:41

I am looking for suggestions for day trips outside of the Moscow area.

30-03-2009, 13:56
You can take a 2 hr train ride to Vladimir and walk that lovely city
You can take a taxi from Vladimir to Suzdal, one of the real jewels or just drive straight to Suzdal.
You can drive to Yaroslavl, but it is really more of a weekend trip (particularly if you wish to stop in Rostov) or a very long day.

30-03-2009, 19:04
Hello Rsil and welcome to the Expat.ru forums!

Great ideas from Adamst56! I hope you can put together a great excursion or two to these truly beautiful and historic cities.

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Mud :)

01-04-2009, 12:30
Hello -

Sergiev Posad can be an option for you. This city is on the historic Golden Ring. Just one hour trip from Moscow (by bus, taxi or commuter train).