View Full Version : Is anyone is traveling from England to Moscow

06-10-2004, 16:56
in the next couple of days or so?
I would like to ask you a big favour, I need to pass an invitation and some copies of the documents to my oldest friend in Moscow.
Iíve tried to post them first time round using Royal Mail registered delivery service, but it looks like itís not going to arrive there, as I posted it about 2 weeks ago.
(Was told by a lady at the post office it normally takes 3-5 working days).Also this morning I checked with DHL and UPS, there are charging approx. £ 46 quid for delivery of 100gramm envelope.
If no other options available I will be using them of course, but I thought maybe some of you flying to England on business trip/home/etcÖ.
My friend needs to apply for a visit visa, I was told that can take up to 2 weeks, I guess I am panicking a bit, as I think we running out of time.

I thank you for you help.
Please reply to:anna@aircon.fsbusiness.co.uk

06-10-2004, 17:01
I thought you could simply fax the invitations. That's what I did anyway.

06-10-2004, 17:08
What about copies of passport,sometimes photo is not clear on the faxed copy.I 've never done this before ,so I will appreciate any advise or help.

06-10-2004, 17:14
Anna - what about digital scans of a passport/documents? Ive used this method before