View Full Version : Looking for native speaker or with very good level (English)

27-03-2009, 23:47
Hello everybody, I am Russian student (22 years old, male), living in St. Petersburg.
I am searching now for a teacher or just person with good level of english or maybe native speaker, to talk about St. Pete or walking or maybe just chatting about everything what happens in the world.

I will learn English, you will learn Russian or improve your English.
If you are not interested in just conversations, I can pay for the lessons.
Anyway, I have my page on Facebook, Vkontakte, LinkedIn and other networks.
Feel free to contact me by PM or icq: 981234
for more details.

Will be happy to make new friends.

01-04-2009, 18:07
Hi Stanislav,

My wife and I returned to her city, spb, in 2000. I am American and have found Russian hard to learn, but I'm making progress.

My friend in the city is from England and I know he would like to add a few students to his teaching schedule. I can find out what he would charge if you like.

In the meantime you can get my blog address for American Russia Observations in Google. Best wishes in your future endeavors!


13-04-2009, 10:29
Hi Stanislav, I am sending you a private message.