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05-10-2004, 14:55
Yes I know it's only October and I've mentioned the C word but when you have to plan flights halfway round the world, well only from London, but still you need to plan else they cost a fortune.

Anyhow what typically happens in Moscow over the festive season, 25th Dec - 7th Jan. Is this a good time to bring family to town? Are there additional things going on around Moscow with a festive theme? Is the city dressed up for the period like other major capital cities? Or am I deluding myself and Moscow will still just be cold and snowy but with a few less people and cars about the place?

Only been here since April so new to all this and any advice welcome.

Ta C.

05-10-2004, 15:10
Over the years Moscow has grasped the whole commercial Christmas thing by the throat and given it a dam fine shake.

Its fun also because all the non-core expats all go home ! So you get the place to yourself !!

Driving gets worse though as people seem to come from all over to do some shopping !!

I would avoid Red Square - though thats because I hate crowds - if crowds are your thing then its a go.

Try Bolshoi then onto Red Square - New Years eve ... ideal !

06-10-2004, 10:20
I was having a mighty New Years Party last New Years Eve until someone shot some sort of fireworks onto the balcony below mine. It caught on fire. Well, the neighbors weren't home, so they came to my place to put out the fire. They couldn't get it done from my balcony either, so they broke the door down to save the place.

So yeah, it's an exciting time! I like Moscow during that time of year. Moscow has a certain charm at that time that it just doesn't have at any other time. There's lots of activities too.

However, try to find a taxi on New Years Eve or Day! You're better off walking!