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26-03-2009, 19:56
My wife and I live in America. My wife was born a Russian citizen. She just recently got her American citizenship. She needs to go back to Russia to see her family. We thought this would be no problem as she is getting her US passport and we thought she could just get a Russian visa. We just found out that the law changed and now she can't get a visa in her American passport and she has to travel to Russia only on her Russian passport. This shouldn't have been a problem either except we let her Russian passport expire. :10479: Yes, we were stupid, thank you. Anyway, now we have booked a flight without knowing about this new law (yes, stupid again) and we don't have time to get her Russian passport renewed in America before she leaves and she isn't planning to be in Russia long enough (2 weeks) to get it renewed there as they say it could take a month.

As I said before, we already know that we were stupid for letting it expire. But any help or advice that anyone could offer would be greatly appreciated.


26-03-2009, 21:46
Only the thing to do is to postpone the visit to her parents... It's pity, but according the law Russian citizen must enter Russian Federation only with Russian passport. Try to ask consulate people how to accelerate the new passport issuing procedure... Maybe stumulate them with some money, or... well... maybe parents can organize emergency request as one of them "is seriously ill" with written confirmation from Russian hospital... I recommend to avoid the last one because it could karmically pull real disease to the person but I don't know your exact situation...

28-03-2009, 22:32
If you need to get a Russian visa in your American wife's passport you should indicate in the application form that she emigrated to USA before 1991.
I would go through a travel agency in your case.