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05-10-2004, 05:55
Hey guys!

Iíve been doing a lot of thinking lately and have decided to change career paths. Just kicked the old accounting major out and on my way to becoming a financial panther, other wise know as a financial planner:) . The million dollar question to you nice folks is, how high or low is the demand in Moscow for someone with my major? Would you recommend getting a masters or a BA in FP would be alright?

Looking forward to your replies!


05-10-2004, 12:34
Duuude, you gotta join one of those Uvtobank-Nikoil-Uralsib giants that focus on the private customers, work there for some time and then go off on your own. The demand is there, but the trust isn't, so people go to the names they know.

05-10-2004, 16:27
Thanks for the motivating info Corp_fin!

Are there any special Russian certificates that I have to get in order to sell securities in Moscow? Over here in Canada, you can only work as a financial planner in the province that you were certified in. Itís kind of like the ďpropiskaĒ system over in the west. Iím having doubts about going out on my own. Could really see myself hanging on tree somewhere after a bad investment with a new Russians money!:agree:

06-10-2004, 14:01
Project officer to Operations sub-Section


Project officer to Operations sub-Section
Addressing the social consequences of the transition
Main duties:
1. Project Identification:
* Overview of the relevant cooperation area, follow-up of policy and legislative changes and evaluation of sector development
* Support to the preparation of Action Programmes, and country strategy papers
2. Project Management:
* Overall project supervision and follow up of implementation *
Participation in the preparation of tenders and evaluations committees
* Organisation of, participation in, and reporting on kick-off
meetings, steering committees, wrap up meetings, other project
meetings and/or seminars and Team Leaders' meetings
* Daily project management including assessment of experts' CVs, contractors' requests, contractual issues and pre-analysis of invoices
3. Horizontal Tasks:
* Reporting, briefing, participation in seminars and conferences
* EU citizenship
* University degree in economics, social sciences or related field
* At least 3 years of professional experience in the areas of
development cooperation, including project management
* Good understanding of the principles of the EU cooperation policy in the Russian Federation
* Team spirit, and sense of initiative * Computer literate
* Ability to work effectively in Russian and English
Applications and CVs in English should be sent to Mr J. POETTGEN, Head of Chancery, by e-mail: jochen.poettgen@cec.eu.int by 15 October
2004, 12.00 hrs local time Moscow

06-10-2004, 16:25
Hey Ami!

Thanks for your effort, that however looks like a HR position for someone from the EU. Iím a financial planner from Canada.

06-10-2004, 18:46
Are there any special Russian certificates that I have to get in order to sell securities in Moscow?

There is an analog of Series 7 exam that you have to take if you wanna get licensed. A number of people work as broker-dealers without a license. The firm you work for has to find a licensed person so that they can register an exchange terminal in their name. Also, there is a license for asset management.
As far as financial planning in its conventional Western understanding - there is no licensing, but I might be wrong on this one. To to the FKZB (or whatever it is not called) website and find out yourself.