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24-03-2009, 15:08
Hello everyone,

Does anybody know where to find Pregnancy Classes in Moscow? Preferably in English? Pilates, Yoga, Breathing exercises, Preparation for birth, Massage, etc. ...

Thank you.

19-04-2009, 12:04

There are lots of these courses around Moscow and almost in everyone there are classes for pregnant, yoga, massage, osteopathy, etc, but classes are held in Russian. Id been visiting the ones on Kitai gorod. There were several groups of 7-10 women/couples and classes were on pregnancy, breathing, birth, taking care of the baby, etc. There were 2 foreigners on our group, but they did understand Russian. For those who dont, they offer in this centre private classes with English-speaking accoucheur (obstetrician), but they are more expensive, of course. If you are interested, please let me know, I will look up for their phone number/website for you.

20-04-2009, 15:52
in english? cant say, perhaps private expat clinics.
but there is are free classes with MotherCare (Arbatskaya).

20-04-2009, 21:22
Try Birthlight: Беременность и роды, материнство, раннее развитие, плавание, аква и бэби йога, детский массаж. (http://www.birthlight.ru) (their site is in Russian but I think they run classes in English and French as well, as the Petit Cref runs extra-curriculum classes with them). Some of the private gyms offer these types of classes too but they seem to be mainly in Russian.

08-04-2010, 21:50
I think they should have pregnancy classes in this fitness center Novaya Liga (the New Ligue). It's right next to metro station Rizhskaya. Btw, is anyone interested in body-art photo sessions for pregnant? A friend of mine is a very good photographer and her sister is an artist and they both make these super cool pictures on pregnant's bellies and it looks very nice. I think I may have a picture here of what they've done recently.