View Full Version : Limit to how many tourist visas?!

22-03-2009, 14:42
Hi I wondered if anyone can help me..I have a Russian boyfriend who lives in Moscow (I'm in UK). During the past year I have visited Moscow 4 times on a tourist visa..I am about to apply for a fifth but I have been told by visa agencies that I will probably be rejected, as the embassy will be suspicious of my intentions! I wondered if anyone could help me with this? Is this true or are the agencies just looking to make more money out of me? If it is true...what's my next step? This is all becoming too stressful...somebody please tell me that it'll be ok!

24-03-2009, 21:06
It might be better to apply for a one year multi-entry business visa. This is valid for a year and during that time you can be in Russia for 6 months (no more than 3 months consecutively). Might be a better solution (and probably cheaper too) than applying for a tourist visa each time you want to visit your boyfriend.

26-03-2009, 14:59
Ask for a second passport from your embassy. Everyone's entitled to this - you just have to come up with a good reason. Then get one-year business visas for each passport. This way you can stay for a whole year. You leave after 90 days getting one passport stamped, then come back in with the other. Then vice versa after another 90 days.

This is quite an expensive route, but there's no reason why it shouldn't work.