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02-10-2004, 15:54
Hi folks!
Any travel agencies you can recommend besides Natali and Columbus tours (which I found thru the expat forum search engine) to find good, reliable package deals for Spain?

What kind of whether to expect there at the end of Oct. and beginning of Nov?

Which parts of Spain would you recommend for this time of year and why?

If folks have had any particular experiences - good or bad- with Natali and/or Columbus as well as any other outfits working with Spain, would be most grateful.

I am going on a very special trip and would love to make the most of it!

Thanks much,

02-10-2004, 22:17
That's a lot of questions but little info.
Why is the trip so special? how many people going? What's your budget? What are you looking for? Sun and beach or culture?
Give people something to work with......................

03-10-2004, 20:22
Yes, lotsa questions!

It's a honeymoon. Two of us!
Budget: $1000/max./person. We're still not sure yet 8 or 15 days.

And I'm not sure whether the choice is sun 'n beach or culture.

One of my concerns about a package deal is being with a bunch of folks who are loud, drinking a lot, etc. I'd hope that if I went the package tour route, we'd be in an "intelligenty" group.

And I'd be curious what people's experience of the other folks in a tour group was like...

Does that help?
Hope you can!