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01-10-2004, 22:11
Specialist in Corporate Finances and M&A (more than 5 years - in Russian and Western investment banks and funds) with experience and knowledge of

- investment/financial/credit analysis,
- member of the CFA Institute,
- full completed M&A deals,
- companies evaluation, including value drives definition
- budgeting and forecasting,
- advanced computer user (Excel, VBA, Access, Bloomberg, etc.),
- communicable and creative man of humor,
- player of a multinational team,

is seeking a new job.

No work permits are required for working in Russia and Canada, nevertheless a citizen of Russia. Native Russian, fluent (oral and written) English, fluent oral German.

E-mail nomade@mail.ru to request my CV.

Best regards,

01-10-2004, 22:23
Max -- coincidentally, a friend just emailed me the other day, saying that they had an analyst job open at the investment bank where he works. If you like the description below, PM me for his email address.
"Ah well we are basically looking for a fairly junior analyst in corp
fin. They would have to know excel, fin modeling, etc. etc. and know
what an EBITDA margin is. I think you get the idea. Salary isn't
something outrageously high (I guess) but the person would also be part
of the bonus pool. As far as I know this is pretty urgent but that is
what they always say."