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21-03-2009, 18:15
Well I've been here for a few years and my Russian is still rather minimal. While I am an expert on problematic differences between English and Russian I really don't know Russian.
I would like to find a professional Russian teacher for language exchange. Not just a native speaker for conversation but an actual teacher who can give professional lessons.
In return I will give English lessons. I think a Russian teacher will find my lessons especially interesting because of my knowledge of the special problems between our languages.

21-03-2009, 23:13
Hi, Alterego!

I am an 41-years Russian woman, I work as analyst and I am not a teacher. But at school I had only "5" for Russian and Literature, and now my job is to prepare reports in Russian (from English sourses of Information). The problem is that it is impossible to learn Russian studing rules: most Russian people do not know language rules... Russian language is not a knowlege, it is a skill as swiming!
The single way to study Russian is practice.

I can give you Russian Lessons (you give me English lessons for exchange).

Do not hesitate to mail me! Anna.

23-04-2009, 17:39
Hi, I am professional Russian teacher but prefer to give lessons in exchange of money. I have got reliable rate ( 700 rub per 60 min) for foreign student and can teach u in afternoon or evening ( I am busy with students in the mornings))))

04-05-2009, 15:26
Hi! my name is Tanya. I'm russian native-speaker. I would like to improve the English. There can be we could be useful each other. But I not the professional teacher of English language.
I will be glad to dialogue.

Do not hesitate to mail me!

04-05-2009, 15:30
Танечка!!! :)))) :trampoline: