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01-10-2004, 12:35
Okay, Iíve been planning to do that for far too long. My idea is to go to Nairoby (Kenya), make this rise to the top of Kilimanjaro (which takes approx. 1 week) and stick around there for a week Ė do this safary thing, national parks & stuff like that.

Quite many people fail to reach the top as it is pretty tough: first day you go in mud, then goes kinda steep ascent and other fun stuff. Have to warn that there is NOTHING on the top but snow and bloody cold. Already challenged?

The most terrible thing is that volunteers apparently have to quit smoking a month b4 and better be in a good shape to accomplish it. The group should be minimum 2 ppl Ė up to a reasonable number of ppl. Time Ė I guess from January to March (as thatís the best time to do that).

Normally the price is about $ 3.5K for 2 weeks including everything which is not my idea of the price for that trip, so I wanna work out the rout and everything on my own.

If you have any usefull information: visas, hotels, hiring a guide, tickets; you have done it yourself or you know how to get to Kenya for reasonable money Ė your advice would be greatly appreciated.

And I am looking for companions who would like to do the trip (and) the rise with me (me is a must there as you understand :p) and is ready for that. If nobody - well, Iíve formed my minimal group :p.

01-10-2004, 12:37
February or March - I might be interested (seriously, depending upon whether I have time or not and just how fit you have to be and whether my health insurance covers me for that) - but of course I expect you and all members of the group to assist me in bringing home a few cute feline souvenirs from the safari part of the trip. ;) ;) :) ;) ;)

01-10-2004, 12:48
This might be an off topic, but I know one Dutch girl that had group sex with a bunch of Africans in a truck while travelling through Kenya

01-10-2004, 12:49
i have been saying this a lot lately, in fact twice today.
Go to www.lonelyplanet.com/thorntree and click on the relevant country for loads of usefull info and a place to post your own questions.

01-10-2004, 12:55
Trebor, thank you, I am registered there ;)

Jet, I will explore the options to realize your erotic fantasies there 2 and report you immediately.

Ned Kelly
01-10-2004, 13:06
Originally posted by Jet
This might be an off topic, but I know one Dutch girl that had group sex with a bunch of Africans in a truck while travelling through Kenya

jet, you just made me fall off my seat laughing.

01-10-2004, 14:32
Sadie hi there, I climbed kilimanjaro in 1997, during October, actually thee as not much mud at all, most of the serious rains occured earlier i was told. you actually cannot plan your own route, you have to use registered guides, there are a number of routes to take.... do not take the coke cola route, its the one that goes up and down the same route....daranko or something like that... also 5 days is enough. I did arrow glacier route, its a more difficuklt route but its really the better route, you go around the mountain and straight up, and then decent on the other side... Best place to stay over is Moshe, it has an airport and most people stay there the night before - its in Tanzania by the way not Kenya.... you can see Mount Kenya from Killies though... best piece of advice is take imodium, and also take wet wipes......:):):) take bottle water and high energy bars... most of your gear the guides will carry.... if you lucky like on our trip - the guides were too stoked up and we got lost the night of the accent to summit but we had a great climb... poly poly - go slowly.... and enjoy

01-10-2004, 14:35
Sadie - take a good torch and head lamp with....... you climb the last night to summit starting from around 11pm reaching summit at sun rise..... there is lots to see along the way... vegetation changes every few 100m you go up.... some great ice pic's and scenes to shoot along the way.... the guides dont stay at the top too long....

01-10-2004, 14:42
thank you, yes, as far as i understand there are four routes to the top
I heard we could hire guides right there, is it true? and it costs about $40 or smth..

anyway, thank you ;)

Maine Surfer
01-10-2004, 17:53
Originally posted by Jet
This might be an off topic, but I know one Dutch girl that had group sex with a bunch of Africans in a truck while travelling through Kenya

Not sure if it was a smart thing as Kenya has highest AIDS ratio, or so I've heard

01-10-2004, 22:08
Sadie, I visited Kenya (mainly Nairobi) in April. I flew on Emirates, with an overnight layover in Dubai. It cost something like $800-900. I bought my visa at the airport (I don't know if this is possible for Russians, sorry). If you PM me I may have some documents still saved (visa application, etc.) and can email them to you.