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12-03-2009, 16:45
For any toy and comic book collectors in Moscow looking for items at reasonable prices, please check out my website:

www dot toysandcomicsrussia dot com

(I had to spell the site out that way, otherwise this post won't be published as my post count is under 11.)

I've looked around stores here for items such at these, and even if you find them, they are UNBELIEVABLY expensive. So if you, your kids, or your Russian friends have any interest in collectibles and want a wider selection and don't want to pay through the nose, please look at my website and get in touch.


13-03-2009, 00:38

So~~~make a few posts and get your count up over 11. It looks like you've got some good stuff going on~~~get the word out!

All the best~~~~again~~~!

Mud :celebrate: