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Gung Ho
07-03-2009, 20:24
Next month my wife and I will be visiting Moscow for a looksie and we will move with family for three years to Moscow in August.

Our kids will be 15 and 13 by the time school starts in August and they hopefully will attend AAS.

Can anyone give us some ideas as to where to look for housing not to far from the school? We have heard of Prokovsky which we will check although I understand there are waiting lists. Somebody also indicated that there is more around there which we would like more to hear about.

We are also searching for a language school that offers immersion courses in Russian language? Does anyone have experience in this and can someone provide some recommendations based upon experience?

Looking forward to the replies,

09-03-2009, 07:24
I doubt that Pokrovsky has waiting lists anymore -their losing expats left and right. This is not because of the facilities, but because of the crisis. Strongly recommend Pokrovsky -unless you want to experience Russia for yourselves. We chose Alye Parusa compound -15 min 'nature walk' to AAS, and yet many Russian neighbors. Also close to school is 'Chaika' apartments, and one other exclusive compound whose name escapes me. Strongly recommend AAS -it's awesome!