View Full Version : How/where to get legally married in Kiev?

07-03-2009, 19:41
I am visiting my girl friend from Canada & have agreed to have a legal marriage for sponsorship purposes so I want to know where I should go in Kiev to get registered or married certificate & how much it will cost me in $'s? The sponsorship process is really a long time. Any help appreciated.

08-03-2009, 13:37
with these issues you'd better contact Ukrainian consulate general in Toronto
details can be found at the MFA of Ukraine website (www mfa gov ua)
although, I did not understand what you mean by sponsirship and why you need to marry her. can't you just open an account for her?????

08-03-2009, 17:15
Thanks for reply for my post first of all. We have decided to get married so that she can come here to Toronto ASAP. Thats what I mean by sponsorship application. IF I show she is married to me than I can file a application with the Canadian government. I want to find out specifically where in Kiev can I get married(have a legal marriage)? Any help appreciated.