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the Patient
26-09-2004, 19:27
do any clinics here use RU-486 or mifepristone or is the only option surgical?
what are the best clinics that i can trust--can't affored the western ones though

27-09-2004, 18:38
I read they did use it in "Dosug", there was an advert for Swissmed their too... I go to a Russian (paying) clinic 276 51 09, ask for Marina Alexandrovna, she'll be able to tell you.

27-09-2004, 18:56
Just noticed emergency contraception phone: 438 85 06

06-10-2004, 20:11
Clinics here do use it, but beware: it can only safe to use under 4-5 weeks of pregnancy (at more advanced stages, you may have remnants of the fetus left in the uterus and you'll have to undergo surgical treatment on the background of endometriosis caused by the pill, which is more complicated than a regular surgical abortion. If you are under 4-5 weeks, I would recommend Dom Materi i Rebenka (located in Konkovo, Ulitsa Akademika Oparina). It's a big medical center and they were the first to use this pill in Russia. They can also do vacuum abortions under 12 weeks (not like in other places, where vacuum abortions are only under 6 weeks). But my advise would be to go as early as possible. If you have firmly decided you don't want to keep the baby, go right away and do it, if you wait too long it'll be much more difficult, both physcially and mentally.