View Full Version : doberman - free to good home

02-09-2003, 07:24
We are moving from a country house with a big yard to a small apartment in the city, and are searching for a new home for our doberman female, Lily.

Lily is just over one year old. She is very affectionate and sweet-natured, although a bit rambunctious at times, and would not be suitable for a guard dog role. She has never shown any agression towards people. and is very well behaved with children. She is not territorial, and gets along well with other dogs and with cats.

Lily is not spayed. She is black with rust colorings, with a cropped tail and clipped, but floppy, ears. She inherited her sweet character from her father, who is a Russian and European show champion. We have all papers showing her bloodline beginning with her grandparents.

Our minimum requirements for her new home are either a house with a yard, or a large apartment and the ability to go on a long walk with her at least once per day. Also, Lily is a very social dog, and she would not be happy if left alone all day, every day. Children are a big plus, as Lily is very playful and would enjoy the young and active companionship.

For further information, please reply to this message or contact Liz at 8-903-760-1752 before September 12.