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26-09-2004, 01:20
Hello to everyone!

I've been reading this forum for about two months now and the wealth of information provided here on living in Moscow has been invaluable. I should mention that I feel like somewhat of an imposter, since this community is for "English speaking expats and Russians" and I am neither, but I'll appreciate gaining some of your knowledge anyway.

One of my questions is: to enter Russia, there's an option of getting a six-month business visa. And the company issuing the visa invitation will register me. Would a business visa allow me to be legally employed? Of course, this is all provided I find work, but I hope something will turn out between now and the next few months (I'm not in Moscow yet).

I think it's great that you guys post your advice to other members openly: indirectly, you're helping people that you don't even know about. Thanks in advance for your help!

PS: I'm from Chicago and have lived here most of my life. I've learned so much from you about Moscow so if any of you have questions about Chicago, I should be able to help.

26-09-2004, 01:37
To be legally employed, your visa (and subsequent work permit) would have to be issued by the company which was offering you the job and employing you...a long, costly, beaurocratic nightmare of a business which explains why a tiny percentage of expats here are "legally employed" in Moscow...

Business visas you can purchase invitations for are actually commercial visas and are meant for consultants rather than those continuously in residence/employment.

I guess you could count yourself as a future "English speaking expat"!!

26-09-2004, 13:35
Originally posted by Cocheese
Would a business visa allow me to be legally employed?

No, you'd need a work permit to actually work here on a permanent basis. Many get by without one, and whether or not your company gets you one depends on how strictly they adhere to the law. If a foreigner is here without a work-permit (a long and bureaucratic process) the company runs the risk of running afoul of tax authorities and incurring large fines.

Hope that helps.

26-09-2004, 15:04
They say that imitation is the highest form of flattery...would you agree Amanda!!??:D

26-09-2004, 18:16
DPG and Amanda, thanks for your answers. I had a feeling the business visa wouldn't be the magical "cure-all" that I thought it would. Take care!