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04-03-2009, 22:02
Due to the high interest about Work Permit and Temporary Residency Permit in Moscow Region -

I would like to announce that I can help Companies and Individuals obtain WORK PERMITS in Moscow
In this respect I can carry out all formalities if a Company has received Quotas from the Ministry.

I can also obtain Work Permits for individual Employees whose Company has not been able to receive a quota. I can do this for either Moscow Proper or Moscow Region.

PS:I cannot obtain and Resell quotas to Companies or individuals.I have to complete the process myself.

Ref: Temporary Residence Permit - I can also give full assistance to indiduals who wish to obtain Temporary Residency Permit in Moscow Region or even Moscow Proper.
PS:I cannot resell my quotas to individuals re TRP.

PS: I have full experience in this field for 2 years (see my past posts) 1st Consultation will not cost anything.

Please PM and I will let oyu have contact details

18-03-2009, 17:46
Just a question regarding the quotas for working permits. How are they allocated?

Is it like some Ministry sets general quotas and gives out permissions when requested untill the quota is full, or is it something that is set per company?

Also, if quotas are set per year, can one assume that it is easier to apply for a work permit in the beginning of the year then, say, autumn?

Are any companies excempt from quotas?

19-03-2009, 01:14
This is a general outline:

The ministry sets out total quotas for the country as a whole. In 2008 this number was 1.8 million and 2009 approx 50% of this number.
This is then divided countrywise(ie. which Nationalities get which number. Example UK citizens officially in 2009 get only 49 work permits!!yes 49 !and so on)

At the beginning of the year Russian companies then apply for quotas for their employees. Say Company X applies for ? Chinese, ? Americans ? etc and these are granted until full quotas are exhausted.

As qoutas are agreed in the beginning of the year- yes better to apply early in the year.

Remember the above is the official version.

In my Company I am able to get Work permits for most Nationalities any time during the year.However there are costs involved for this.

19-03-2009, 01:17
I understand members of American Chamber of Commerce have priority so does European Chamber of Commerce.
But not very sure

19-03-2009, 10:57

If you have temporary residency, then does the company that wants to hire you need to apply for a work permit under the quota?

Under the law are you treated as foreigner (I.e. a company wishing to hire you must have requested and received a permit to hire foreigners) or as a Russian resident?


19-03-2009, 14:12

If you have temporary residency, then does the company that wants to hire you need to apply for a work permit under the quota?

Under the law are you treated as foreigner (I.e. a company wishing to hire you must have requested and received a permit to hire foreigners) or as a Russian resident?


Yes, they need to get you a Work Permit, but not a visa.

19-03-2009, 19:01
Yes, they need to get you a Work Permit, but not a visa.

So, the company that hires me needs to have applied for a foreign hire under the quota system?

Sorry not trying to be difficult, but a couple of companies I was talking to were interested in hiring me, but not interested in paying/applying for a foreign hire under the quota system.

19-03-2009, 19:04
I am also interested in this. If I have TRP, in what way do I apply for a work permit?

a. Visa regime foreigners with 6-month processing, employment permit for the company, quotas, etc.
b. Visa-free regime foreigners paying 7000 RUB and receiving the permit within a week, upon presentation of a job offer.

I really hope it is option b) as you need your own income to apply for PRP. If not I don't see the advantage of TRP over Work Visa.

23-03-2009, 20:27
If you can comment; here now on a business visa, and recieving a working visa. Am I obliged to leave Russia to have the new visa granted (at a Russian consulate). Can this consulate be anywhere or my home country (or a country where I have been granted six months leave to remain)?

Thanks your help!

23-03-2009, 22:04
If somebody here on Business visa and applied/waiting for work visa ......no need to leave Russia

24-03-2009, 08:17
Even though the business visa will expire in the meantime? I thought all visas had to be given by the Russian consulates abroad?

24-03-2009, 09:08
From personal experience. I had a business visa but I still had to leave the country to obtain my work visa. I re-entered the country on a 90 work visa, which was then cancelled upon entry into Russia and the work visa had been issued. Now that I have the work visa I do not have to leave the country to renew my work visa. The process took about three months from the time a work visa had been issued.

26-03-2009, 08:39
Snowbars hi,

I applied for TRP and have been waiting nearly 6 months now.

1) Can it take MORE than 6 months?
2) How long would it take to get work permit (WP) afterwards (I have an offer, am non-quota) ?
3) Can I start to prepare any of the papers for WP now, before the TRP is ready? Eg medical spravki?

26-03-2009, 14:00
Its very unusual for your application to take so long without any sort of Feedback.
Your first line of action should be to go to the Office where you submitted your application and make enquiries as to the current state of you application.

(and hope that it is "live") as you are aware that if your application has been lying on a heap of old papers ...a lot of your documents like health /police check etc would have expired.
As for Work Permit issues - rules in Moscow are changing all the time .....but worry about that after you have found about the state of your TRP application.

25-05-2009, 19:06
American Have lived in Moscow 14 years - always was multi entry Business until the change and 90/180 day rule so got a work permit and then 90 day work visa - converted here to until time my permit expired January this year. Applied in December and did medical cert for new work permit but it they were too slow so had to get a single entry business for 90 days - then found out that they were out of quota for USA - had to do another 90 day visa and it expires last day of July - getting very expensive to get a new visa every 90 days - and I did it in the USA two weeks ago and now they no longer even offer one day service in NYC or Washington - give app on Monday you will get Visa on Thursday- so you have to stay outside all those days...

what to do?

25-05-2009, 22:12
Find a Company who will offer you a Rep Company Accteditation Visa - where you can stay in Russia continous 365 days a year ...no restriction and also receive a work permit card.

(If you want to know who offers such service let me know by PM)

Eddie Lee
23-06-2009, 12:38
I am from the UK trying to seek employment in Moscow. Can you advise if you can assist with work permission and what documentation I will need for this. I am already in Moscow on a business visa.

23-06-2009, 12:51

you can contact Anna

24-06-2009, 09:58
I work for British owned Visa Company =I can help on various types of work visas including Rep Company Acreditation.

Send me PM or contact:

WorkPermitRussia.ru (http://www.workpermitrussia.ru)

Eddie Lee
24-06-2009, 18:59
I tried to contact you but with no sucess, please contact me

Eddie Lee
24-06-2009, 19:01
Yes please, I could do with all the options as I am trying to get work quickly but keep hitting obstacles. I want to stay in the country and search for work but my VISA time is running out. MAny thanks in advance of your help.

24-06-2009, 21:10
check your PM for my contact details