View Full Version : What Prize can We Award Sadie?

24-09-2004, 17:13
Poor Sadie - she complains that she can't win a prize on any of the polls. What prize can we award her?

Maine Surfer
24-09-2004, 17:17
How bout Most likely to be hugged to death by a large white furball after she's had 2 gallons of aircraft fuel?

24-09-2004, 17:18
LOL - Sadie (or anyone else out there except a few other hard core reprobational inebriates) cannot hold 2 cups of the bear's absinthe based aircraft fuel, let alone 2 gallons!

24-09-2004, 17:35
thank you, I feel much better now. :hooray: :hooray: :hooray:
though I am slightly worried there is not a single word about the prize :shame: :(
Now that it looks like I gonna win the competition (I keep my fingers crossed), I still can't help my curiosity about the final award :rolleyes:

24-09-2004, 17:37
Prize - why of course, your very own live polar bear cub, straight from one of the litters I fathered last year, specially trained to keep that kitty of yours in line ;) ;) ;)!

24-09-2004, 17:44
Originally posted by Sadie

thank you, I feel much better now. :hooray:
though I am slightly worried there is not a single word about the prize :shame: :(

hehe! Dont ya worry bout prize, yO silly vuman! :D whatever the result the prize is on ME :hooray: ...and well being modest won't forget to mention that you know that I can be VERY creative in dat! ;) :p:p:p


24-09-2004, 17:48
Originally posted by Kshisya
I can be VERY creative in dat! ;) :p:p:p

I count on dat indeed ;)
actually, it's the best poll that ever happened on the site to be honest :p

24-09-2004, 17:49
So does that mean I get a prize from you for posting it ;) ;) ;)?

24-09-2004, 18:13
If first prize is a Polar Bear hug, what's second prize?

Two Poar Bear hugs?

25-09-2004, 09:18
the prize is a polarbear :)

Maine Surfer
25-09-2004, 10:56
prized polarbear :confused:

how bout no-prize prize?

25-09-2004, 11:05
Don't want to spoil the party, Sadie is OK but that's a lawyer we are talking about :D

25-09-2004, 13:48
Ah, but you see, attorneys and polar bears are equally vicious predators - so it is professional courtesy :).

25-09-2004, 13:54
PolarBear, are you sure lawyers don't eat your kind for breakfast? I'd watch out if I were you :D

25-09-2004, 13:58
Well, I don't worry much about lawyers who handle issues such as adoption - especially when I have fathered many, many cubs who are in need of good homes ;) ;) ;)! Sadie is a kind, sweet attorney and I am of course a tame, cuddly polar bear - we are not representative of our respective species :).

The worst a lawyer has ever done to me is eating too deeply into my wallet; accountants, doctors, dentists and even repairmen are equally vicious when it comes to that :). Oh, and sorry, Sadiechka, I have no intention of paying you for placing any of my offspring into zoos :).

26-09-2004, 10:24
Blinnn!! I am definitely going to win among myself! 17 vs. 1 (:p) !!
:hooray: :hooray: :hooray: :hooray: :hooray:

26-09-2004, 11:48
Do you need glasses? Please read carefully - there were NO negative votes......................