View Full Version : Who knows the answer?

23-09-2004, 09:49
I have been doing a lot of reading lately on weight loss and fat reduction. One thing I have read says that during aerobic exercise, your body begins to switch to fat as an energy source afer about 10 minutes, and is buning primarily fat after about 30 minutes (depending on metabolism and other factos, of course). Thus, a 40+ minute workout where the heart rate is maintained at 70-80% of theoretical maximum is best for reducing the waistline.

Another source notes that fat cells themselves shrink first, but are difficult to make disappear.

While these two views are not necessarily mutually exclusive, I am wondering if either might be outdated or just palin wrong. Or is there some newer understanding of at what point during exercise the body actually gets rid of fat cells themselves? If so, what happens to the supporting infrastructure of blood vessels etc?