View Full Version : Moving stuff from Moscow to France

27-02-2009, 17:07

Does anyone of you know how I could manage to send all my stuff back to France.
Do you know any company who could do it and do you have any idea of the price.
Thanks for your help.


28-03-2009, 12:23
I know of a really good moving company that I used to move from Moscow to the U.S back in 2005. Very reliable and they were very reasonable in price.

The company is German (they may also have clients who need to move things to France) and is located in the building that used to be the DDR embassy.

Contact Harry Krebs at:
+7 (495) 933 43 21 Office

08-04-2009, 19:22

One sure thing for sure avoid the company "Voerman":redcard:, they are useless and will over charge you with extra expenses for errors they have commited.

They have hold our goods for 3 months for not declaring goods on the Russian borders and asked us to pay 3000$ to get our good back ...

By experience.

Alex :grind: