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Democrats Abroad
22-09-2004, 13:12
Democrats Abroad, Russia, will be holding an informal meeting and formal voter registration (your last chance, really) after the Friday showing of Fahrenheit 9/11 at the American Cinema (http://www.america-cinema.ru). We will leave the Cinema after the showing and gather at Probka Beer Restaurant (behind the McDonald’s on Kutuzovskiy Prospekt). All are welcome. For more information, contact Andrew Hardisty at ahardisty@magnesium.com or Mark Sleboda at camaeljax@yahoo.com for more information.

Thank you,
Democrats Abroad

Maine Surfer
22-09-2004, 13:32
go-o-o-o-o Democrats!

23-09-2004, 22:55
I know in your previous post you said "last chance", but are there going to be any other opportunities to register outside of going to the embassy? Thanks!

Billie Bob
23-09-2004, 23:16
who actually wants to vote?

could you imagine if the american voting booths would have the same option as the russians have:


what would happen?