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26-02-2009, 17:10
I am British but currently living in US ( Atlanta) and about to move to Moscow for two year assignment .
My company is in the process of obtaining all the necessary information for issue of my work permission card and documents also for my accompanying husband.

I have two questions.

1. I am told that I will have to go back to the UK to get my work visa once my permission card is issued and that I cannot get my work visa in US - is this correct ?

2.Looking at the new outsourced visa services for Russian embassy in UK it looks like work visa's are only valid for 3 months when I was expecting it to be 1 year . Do I need to still go to the embassy for a one year work visa. Does anyone have an information ?

27-02-2009, 16:50

I have some info that may help. We will be applying in the UK for a work visa for a french national. He has been resident in the UK and must proof this by utility bills etc, for the application to be accepted in London. The same may apply to you in the US - if you are a resident then they may accept your application.
As for Q2, we have been informed that we need to apply for a single entry work visa that is valid for 3 months and entry to Russia must be within these 3 months. Once in Russia, your sponsor will help you apply for this to be changed into a multi-entry visa for 12 months. Again our company contact in Moscow has said it takes about 5 days for this to happen when we arrive.

Hope this helps.

27-02-2009, 19:04
Thanks Sally This is perfect information I appreciate it , this really helps.

02-03-2009, 21:24
actually just so you know - when you have your 3-month visa changed inside of Russia to a multi entry working visa it is not a 12-month visa - it wil expire when your work permit does.

Right now it takes about 90-100 days to get a work permit and they have no room on the Quota list so after waiting months one may have to apply again.

04-03-2009, 00:45
Does anyone know if once you are given a date for receiving the work permit, you will actually receive it on this date or are you given a date so you don't keep chasing?

09-03-2009, 01:40
We have finally received the work permit and now await the invitation letters for the family members. These are due in 10 days!

Moscow here we come!