View Full Version : Looking for people from Wales

25-02-2009, 17:15
If you are a Welsh ex-pat would you be happy to feature in a new weekly newspaper back home in Powys? You can be from anywhere in Wales.

I'm a journalist who plans a regular spot with welshmen and women abroad and have a short questionnaire you can fill in and send back to me with photo(s) attached - or not - you choose.

You could be in our first edition of you are quick!

to receive the questionnaire and ask me anything.



26-02-2009, 02:34
Hellooooo Jennifer :agree:

I'm an expat living in Germany. Maybe I can be in your group or perhaps you only want expats in Russia? I'm a New South Welshman, does that allow me to participate? :10518:

David Jones
26-02-2009, 09:23
Yes I am in Moscow

David Jones

26-02-2009, 23:35
From Wales ( Newport )

lived in Russia for 6.5 years now

pm me if you want me to take part