View Full Version : Russian's coming to UK

23-02-2009, 11:58
Me and my girlfriend are looking to get a fiance visa for the UK and then get married within the 6months requried.
anyone know if once we are married, if her visa then allows her to travel as a 'UK Resident' - meaning she can travel freely in the EU? or does it mean she will need visas every time we go anywhere?(Until she can get citizenship after 4 yrs)

thanks in advance

23-02-2009, 15:31
no, im afraid not.she will still need to get the relevant visas to travel within europe and everywhere else,after 1 year she will get and extension to her visa with the right to remain and only then can she travel like a uk citizen,that extension will be about 1000 pounds,hope all goes well for you two,good luck