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20-02-2009, 12:02
Hello Nijni !!!!
Wish you all the best :idea:

27-02-2009, 15:25
wanted to write something my self. Not too many posts this year (09) in NN section.

03-03-2009, 14:31
Yeah Nijni is great !

27-03-2009, 23:18
I suppose it is time to wake up, we had some cold in our family but now it is starting to be OK, also mood is getting better.
It was true what my doctor told me before I left my home, be careful cause russian winter is long and depressing.
What is new in NN? Tomorrow I will check at English embassy if everything is OK. Last time we had lunch there we were little lonely, so let us see. On the other hand service was not quicker as I was expecting.:9451:

Bourne End
31-03-2009, 23:17
Does anyone know any good bars or clubs in Bor ??

31-03-2009, 23:29
Does anyone know any good bars or clubs in Bor ??

Hello Bourne End ! I never been in this small town near Nizhny. But maybe this link can help you!
(in Russian)
Город Бор - Интернет портал gorodbor.ru - Кафе. Рестораны. Бары. Клубы (http://gorodbor.ru/org/?lid=65)
this page about restaurants in Bor

Good luck! ;)

Bourne End
01-04-2009, 22:14
Thanks but my Russia reading is not the best but i will persevere as there is some interesting stuff it seems

20-04-2009, 12:58
Hi everyone! I moved to Nijny several month ago and would like to meet some nice and interesting people:10220:

28-04-2009, 01:14
Hey, hit me up in private.
I was getting ready to think that I was the only one here ))