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18-02-2009, 14:34
I am Semionoff Vitaly, I am a professional guide and a genealogist.

Your Personal Guide for Moscow and Russia

There are a lot of clichés how ordinary tourist agencies show Russia. All these bears, vodka, troikas, and , of course, matreshkas are not have any connection with reality. Nobody here in Russia lives like this, these were created for West tourists to take their money.

If you do not want to be such kind of tourist, I can be Your Guide. One For All Russia –from the Baltic Sea until the Japanese Sea
My special propositions

Sacred Geography of Russia. It concerns the understanding of the land as sacred for some group of local people or some communities. I have done very interesting Sacred Geography Expeditions on Altai Mountaines , Dagestan, on Kerzhenetz River and other interesting and sacred places of Russia.
Mystic Moscow
I really perceive Moscow as the Sacred City and collect data for it for a long time. The book of Moscow Historian Rustam Rakhmatullin , researcher of Moscow mystics , author of a ”Two Moscows or Metaphysics Of The Capital” year 2008 #1 Bestseller inspired me to create this 3 days tour “The Real Understanding of Moscow”

Do you know about secret Apocalypse’s animal left by Soviet architect on the wall of Moscow Perovo Station?
why The Round line of The Moscow Undeground has just 12 stations and the constuction of 13th was prohibited.
The secret sense of Kremlin buildings
The freemason’s signs in Moscow Chrurches and much more

You could order special “Mystic Moscow” Tour 3 days for 200 USD to understand secrtet signs of Moscow
“Your Folk’s Moscow”

Moscow is connected with every nationalityof the world. Do not think so? Order “ You Folk Moscow” special tour and change your point of view!

More Moscow Night Sightseeing, Moscow Ghosts, and much more.
Up to you any tailor made tour could be made in Moscow!

I know that the best way to see the country is to be guided by professional quide in a tailor made program according to your needs. So, send me your wish list; I will then advise you and build an itinerary for you.
My fees

I take 70 $ for day
I can make a transfer at the airport, special tours outside of Moscow at any direction), order the hotel, buy tickets.
I work at any corner of Russia and ex-USSR. It costs just 10 $ more expensive than in Moscow (80 $ per day, accommodations prices excluded).

Any way, my special point is, that I can work at every corner of Russia, I can make tours for you will never forget.

Would you like to visit every from 84 regions of Russia - I had already workes in most of them - and I know places to see in these regions.

My work at any corner of Russia costs just 10 USD more expensive than in Moscow (80 USD per day, accomodation and nutrition prices excluded).

If you do not know what to visit I can tell you about a lot of interesting places in Russia

Ordinary foreign tourist chooses traditional bunch of Russia’s destinations - Moscow, Golden Ring, St-Pete, Transib. More sophisticated visitors can add Lake Baikal or something more. I advise you to visit places you have never heard before.

Visit Altai - Sacred Place of the whole Euroasia and place of indigenous Altai people. I have been at Altai 4 times and have a lot of friends over there. With me you see the places that ordinary tourists never saw.

Kirov (ex-Vyatka) - I can bet no one of your friends have ever heard about this town. And a lot of Russian people do not.

But Kirov is worth for one day visiting - or, better, can be united with visiting of Nizhny Novogorod and Kerezhenetz River. This town ( the regional capital of quite big Kirovskaya Oblast ) is really strange - it can be interesting for its beautiful gothic (!) architecture under heavy Notrhern sky.

Kineshma - Jurievetc (Ivanovo region) Visit places on Volga River that tourists do not visit often. These are small Russian towns, Jurievets is the motherland of famous Russian film director Tarkovski and Kineshma -traditional merchant’s port on Volga River.

If you want to see real Russia - be off beaten roots!


See remains of Japanese Karafuto Governorship on Sakhalin Island, know more about

misterious Ainu -”bear-people” and visit beautiful Kurili Islands.

And much, much , more - it’s very difficult to choose the Most Fascinating Place of Russia. You can visit Russia 84 times and every time I can find something very interesting to show you!

Graduated Moscow State Lomonosov University Department of History, Sub-Department of Ethnology in 2002
• Internship Moscow Office of The United Nation High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR 2002)
• Internship Dushanbe office of The International Organization for Migration (IOM-MOM Tajikistan 2002)
• Since 2002 have been working as a genealogist and Moscow/ Russia Personal Guide.
• Backpacked more than 30 countries since 1996 till 2009

Since 1999 till 2002 working in the Russia’s most popular TV show Zhdi Menya (Wait for Me), which seeks to reunite families that were broken apart and searched missed people. For 3 years of my work I have found more than 200 people. For our work we were nominated be TEFFI – the highest Russian TV award.

Backpacked more than 30 countries since 1996 till 2006
More than 40 articles in top Russian newspapers, magazines and web-sites.

Visit my web-page genealogique.wordpress.com