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18-02-2009, 11:01
hi all,

I'm new to Moscow and decided to introduce myself here - even though I am one of those extrovert Finns who is looking at other people's shoes ; )

I predict that I am going to highly appreciate any hints for social activities since my husband is working long hours while I'm working from home. So would be great to get to know and meet people through this community.

So far, I've enjoyed reading your active debates on economics and politics and other related topics...

18-02-2009, 11:19
Hello kalavuto! I`m glad to greet you here. I`m sure it`ll be interesting site for you.
By the way, I didn` get this "who is looking at other people's shoes ". Please explain the point cos I`m not native english speaking. Thank you in advance

18-02-2009, 11:28
Hei Kalavuto,

2 finns in 10 minutes :). Like your hubby, I'll be working long hours too, but in any case do share your appreciation of social activities...

Looking at other people's shoes = not making eye contact, ie. shy. Probably more of a finnish idiom than english.
I personally find the eyes more interesting...

18-02-2009, 11:45
wow - finnish invasion ... :-)

Bonifaciy, "Looking at other people's shoes" ==> sorry to confuse you, I was just refering to a joke about Finns that had been posted couple of times on the forum : ) ...

18-02-2009, 15:59
Wow! Another Finn!

Welcome to the Expat.ru Forum! Lots of good folks to meet, chat, hang out with here.

Have fun!

All the best!


18-02-2009, 17:14

18-02-2009, 18:21
Thanks / Kiitos ! :-) Looking forward to the two year experience...

18-02-2009, 18:25
Pyydän:-) Me to:-) Soon I'll be in Moscow:-)