View Full Version : Iany information how to obatin a temporary living permit.

16-02-2009, 19:06
I plan to leave the Uk in September or sooner to go and live in Belgord, Russia.

1, How do i obtain a temporary permit, Please no abbreviations. I not understand them and in lay man terms. with the view of living there for good.

2, I will be taking my car, so how do i registar a English car in Russia.

3, Once there i plan to look for work, is there any rules i need to follow or can i just work ?.

4, The translation of the documents, can i do these myself as i speak Russian or does this have to be done by a translator ?.

Any help will be received with great thanks.

Larry Paradine
16-02-2009, 22:46
Are you really as badly informed as your message seems to indicate?

1) Residence permit. Generally only granted to people who have Russian spouses (and the fact that you didn't mention this suggests that you aren't in this category). There is also a quota system for applicants without Russian spouses, but, as far as I know, it applies only to people from the CIS.

2) Work. You need a work visa and (unless you intend to work as a teacher, which is still an exempted category but may not be much longer) also a work permit. The visa and permit entitle you to work only for the employer who obtained the visa invitation for you. If you look through back numbers of this forum, you'll find a wealth of information about it, none of which is likely to induce a feeling of optimism.

3) Translations. I've said something about this in previous posts, so have others. No, you can't translate them yourself, and you'll need a stamp from a нотариус (notary public) to authenticate them.

4) Car. Have no recent experience of this myself, but have been told by people who do that there's a lot of red tape which can only be cut by judicious palm greasing.

16-02-2009, 23:06
the car thing i easy--- well ish

drive into Russia--- get a 2 month temp inport cert--- drive to wherever your going---- after the 2 months are up--- in the city you live you cn extend it for a further 2 months

After the second 2 months the car must leave Russia or pay the import tax and then you get Russian number plates


17-02-2009, 12:48
On the Temporary Residence Permit (TRP) - have a search on this site and redtape.ru - it has up to date information, and you should be able to find a link to the site of the Federal Migration Service, which will give you the information that you need. You say you speak Russian, so this should be no problem.

One thing you should do before you leave the UK is to get a Subject Access Request form from your local police authority - this will show that they (hopefully) have no record of you on their systems. You then need to get this apostilled at the Foreign and Commonwealth office (search for this on this site). This is the one document that you need for a TRP, that you can't get in Russia. All the rest (health certificates, mainly) can be got here.

In general it is much easier to get a TRP if you are married to a Russian. Otherwise, you fall under a quota - each region has a quota that it can allocate every year, and I understand this quota gets filled quite quickly.

On the car - I would advise against bringing in a British car - every so often the government tries to ban right hand drive cars, in order to protect the Russian car industry from cheap Japanese imports. This is then followed by a wave of protests, but it means that there is probably some residual rule on the books which might enable a bribe-hungry traffic policeman to stop you and harrass you. It doesn't matter if it's against the law, if he wants to harass you, he will. There are a bunch of Russian websites dedicated to owners of right hand drive cars, which are there to help you, but in my opinion, the fact that you need this help is reason enough to avoid this sort of car.

You may have problems getting a certificate of roadworthiness for a right hand drive car. In your position, I would sell the car in the UK, and buy something in Russia. Come to think of it, it would probably be a pain to sell a UK origin car in Russia.

Larry Paradine
18-02-2009, 19:08
A very long time ago, in the halcyon anything goes days of the 1990s, a friend of mine used to finance his trips to Russia from the UK by purchasing a new Russian (yes, Russian) car in London, driving it to Moscow, paying a competent engineer to convert the steering from RHD to LHD and then selling it at a healthy profit. The logic behind this unlikely-sounding transaction was that Russian drivers believed (and probably still believe) that cars made in Russia for the export market are qualitatively superior to the same brand of car made for the home market. My friend had, of course, to pay import tax, but this was much lower for AvtoVaz's export line than for cars manufactured abroad. All that changed eleven years ago when the Russian Finance Ministry ruled that any car imported from abroad, be it a Lada or a Lagonda, was subject to the same swingeing level of tax. I assume, however, that there are still plenty of skillful automobile engineers who can carry out the conversion operation, so it might be cost effective buying a good foreign car at British prices and having it converted to LHD.