View Full Version : Unlimited calling to and from USA and Europe; US, Moscow and European tel numbers

17-09-2004, 10:09
I am offering a new telephone service which offers a US, UK, German and MOSCOW telephone numbers AND unlimited calling to USA, Western Europe and Moscow starting at $24.99. No extra equipment or internet connection required.

Depending on your needs and equipment, there is a number of services:
If you do not have internet - for $24.99/mo you can get a UK,or US number forwarded to your Moscow number so your collegues can call you - UNLIMITED calling.
For additiona $25/mo you get a Moscow number forwarded to any US number or a non-mobile UK or other Western European number - UNLIMITED CALLING.

If you have internet (at least 128k up and down), you get a box ($99 one time fee - No additional monthly charges!) - unlimited calling to Moscow, USA, and non-mobile numbers in UK.

Let me know if you are interested - dorisamalex@msn.com