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14-02-2009, 00:29
First posting here a couple of weeks after my arrival to Moscow. Will be working here a couple of months (at least).

Would love to meet some English talking expats to hang out with since my Russian so far is limited to a couple of words.

14-02-2009, 00:31
Hi! Welcome to Moscow even for a couple of month.
There are so many locals who speak English quite well so you are not bound only to expats. :)
Join bookswap meeting tomorrow.

15-02-2009, 22:39
Hi! Welcome to the Expat.ru Forum!

You may want to check the Local Events on this site:

Local Events - The Moscow Expat Forums (http://www.expat.ru/forum/local-events/)

You may meet a lot of English speakers at any one of them!

All the best!

15-02-2009, 22:40
Ah, bookswap would have been nice, but some friends from home were here so instead it was time to discover Tretyakov gallery and the red square.

Will try to join next time instead.