View Full Version : Please help me solve the war of papers in my head

13-02-2009, 17:50
First of all I would like to thank you all for a forum like this.

I arrived in moscow 31st december with a 3 month business visa wich expires 19 march 2009.

So 19 march I'll fly back to belgium with already in my hands a one year business visa invitation. (The first time here can only stay 3months) But this invitation will give me the ability to come back to moscow for one year.

Ofcourse I've been reading here about this 90 day rule.

Will my visa also be under this rule? or does a one year visa not fall under the 90/180 rule? Because I'm madly in love here and living together with my girlfriend. And we would both be heartbroken if something like this happens.

so a couple of questions.

1)If I arrive back in Belgium 19th of march... I'll go with my invitation to apply for my new business visa. Wich I will probably receive again after a couple of days. Can I come back to russia then or I need to wait 3 months?

2) Does this visa fall under the 90days in 90days out rule?

3)If question 2 says yes, how can I solve this? And can I do this now already before my first visa expires 19march. So that I can come back here knowing that I don't have to leave her for a year?

4)Can I apply for permanent visa here? (My girlfriend owns her own appartement it's not rented)

5)if question 4 says yes how do I do this?

6) When will I be able to have a good sleep without worrying about all of this? It's really making me insane. I want to start my life here and stay here for ever with the one I love and her cute little daughter wich I also started to love.

Thanks in advance