View Full Version : Funny Label Information (Translations)

16-09-2004, 23:43
The following must be machine translations that were never checked:

From a jar of Indian red chili pickles:

"Retain the oil layer on top until contents are over."

From a package of Turkish dishwashing gel:

"Absolutely read the usage instructions."

"Avoid the hands being in contact for long periods for the protection purpose of the skin"

Scouring powder - same manufacturer:

"Scouring powder Bingo is specially prepared to take the maximum result for cleaning and polishing washbasins, square cement floor tiles and kitchenware. It gets rid of bad smells of your kitchen and basin by its wonderful fragrance."

"If it goes into your eyes wash with plenty of water, don't rub with hand"

The manufacturers of the dish detergent and scouring powder also used to label their washing powder with the following slogan:

"White Power with Hygiene!"