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16-09-2004, 09:31
The Red Sox and the Yankees have a three game series this weekend, with games on Saturday and Sunday at 1:00 in New York.

Has anyone found a place in Moscow where one may be able to watch these games at 9:00 p.m. those days?


16-09-2004, 10:34
Sportland is showing the games on their schedule. However, one of them starts at 3:05 AM! Check out the sportland calender on the expat.ru homepage.

16-09-2004, 10:41
Thanks for that.

I see the Sunday game is being shown live at 9 p.m.

Go Red Sox!

Maine Surfer
16-09-2004, 11:57
Derek, you New Englander brother soul :)

Col. Brokov
16-09-2004, 16:35
Great idea for a thread!!! I was interested but didn't think of it!! I just assumed that baseball was written off here. I can't wait to see the Sox kick some yankee A#S!!!!!!

16-09-2004, 16:45

Tell me Monday who won. I need to go to St. Petersburg on short notice.

Does anyone know a sports bar in St. Petersburg that will be showing the games?

I am not upset about missing the games this weekend, though, as we can all look forward to watching the Red Sox defeat the Yankees in October.


Maine Surfer
16-09-2004, 16:51
I can tell you right now who's gonna win.

Red Sox will lose, as usual. It's obvious unforyunately :( :D

16-09-2004, 18:00
Face to face. Jaw to jaw.
After listening to the Red Sox chirp about being the best team in the American League, and that the Yankees are "worried" about Boston, the Bombers are ready for battle on Pinstriped turf.

They are relishing the weekend challenge.

Here's what Gary Sheffield told me yesterday about the Bedlam in The Bronx that begins tomorrow night at Yankee Stadium: "Everything is on the line," Sheffield said a few minutes after the Yankees' 3-0 win over the Royals at Kauffman Stadium. "We're not worried about anybody; all we have to do is take care of our business . . . If we just win, we'll be in the same place where we're supposed to be and then nobody will be talking about it."

That would be first place, where the Yankees are right now, four games ahead of the Red Sox, who defeated the Devil Rays 8-6 last night.

Alex Rodriguez is thrilled to be in the middle of this battle. "It's fun," he said of the race. "It doesn't matter what you've done until this point, it's what you do in the next two months."

Starting tomorrow night.

The Yankees will need well-pitched games, just like the 18 shutout innings they got over the past two days, but the Red Sox, of course, are not the Royals. Boston has been pounding the ball all season. David Ortiz said of the Yankees on Tuesday, "I betcha they're very worried about us."

The Yankees insist they are not worried and are ready.

"You're looking forward to winning games," Joe Torre said. "Right now we're playing well, we feel good about ourselves. The last couple of games we pitched real well, we're about as ready as we can be."

Yankees captain Derek Jeter made that clear.

"This is the fun time of year," said Jeter, who ripped two doubles and a monster home run yesterday.

That was his on-the-field way of saying, "Bring it on, Boston."

The Yankees have history and Pinstripes on their side, or as Yogi Berra explained in spring training the first time the Yankees and Red Sox met this year: "Those guys can't beat us, they never beat us."

Not since 1918.

This is the first meeting since the July series in Boston, where Jason Varitek gave A-Rod a catcher's-mitt sandwich to the face. That picture and incident have become a rallying cry in Red Sox Nation.

You can be sure Rodriguez and the Yankees have not forgotten that, or the fact that Varitek, in full catcher's gear, left his mask on during the confrontation, but A-Rod is not going to get caught up in what happened in July.

"All I'm worried about, all we're worried about as a team, is winning games," Rodriguez said. "We're not really interested in that other stuff, we're interested in going out and playing good solid baseball and winning games."

Of that incident and Varitek, Sheffield noted on Tuesday, "If he wants to be a tough guy, we'll take that challenge. I don't care if these guys hit us or throw at us. We ain't gonna stand for it and it definitely ain't going to turn out the way it did the last time."

The anticipation and agitation have been building around the Yankees the past week. On Aug. 8 the Yankees thought they put the Red Sox to sleep, moving out to a 101/2-game lead, only to see that lead shrink to two games one month later.

It will be up to Orlando Hernandez, Jon Lieber and Mike Mussina to keep Boston's big bats quiet. The Yankees have a lot of faith in El Duque, who is 8-0.

"He's pitched in a lot of big games in years past, whether it's postseason or against Boston, so it's nothing new for him," Jeter said. "Now I think he's the perfect guy for them."

Now is the perfect weekend for the Yankees to make a statement.

16-09-2004, 20:24
We show more MLB than you can shake a stick at,
Live or recorded just e-mail me sportland@metelitsa.ru
and we'll arrange a viewing at Sportland

16-09-2004, 21:37
anyone have the web site for udarnik...the links i have tried don't work and I need a non-casino to watch the steelers/ravens game this weekend...(sportland has gaming in it so boy can't go...Udarnik has the tables in a separate room right???)

18-09-2004, 11:26

18-09-2004, 12:08
Originally posted by plastique
anyone have the web site for udarnik...the links i have tried don't work and I need a non-casino to watch the steelers/ravens game this weekend...(sportland has gaming in it so boy can't go...Udarnik has the tables in a separate room right???)

The tables in Udarnik are'nt in a separate room they lurk only 5 meters from where you would be sat.


18-09-2004, 17:05
Im actually from England, but i spent two months this year in New Hampshire working with kids at a summer camp, who mostly lived in Massachusetts and were hardcore Red Sox fans. So as much as i've never been interested in baseball, i now find myself strangely drawn to watching the Red Sox games and wanting to meet as many people from round that way as i can. So once i make it to moscow next week, i'll be sure to pop in to sportland when they're playing and meet all of you Boston types :)