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15-09-2004, 10:37
Dear All,

In the framework of the new proramme we are about to launch a new project about CHARITY in Moscow.

Though the topic may seem quite wide the main accent will be made on fundraising issues dealing with large companies.

I believe that foreign companies are more aware of the necessity to have a charitable activity due to different reasons than Russian ones.

PLEASE share your rich experience and good advice.

Many thanx in advance


15-09-2004, 12:36
...Maybe it's because I haven't had my 5th mug of coffee yet today (:rolleyes: !), but I don't quite understand what you're asking for - could you explain again for a very sleepy person, please:

- Are you looking for advice from companies that take part in fundraising activities or for advice from the charities themselves?
- Are you only interested in the fundraising activities of large foreign companies (for example, I know that MTS has a fundraising programme)?
- Are you more interested in the actual process of fundraising here, the reasons why companies are involved, the way in which charities approach companies, or are you interested overall in everything related to charity here?

Thanks! :)

15-09-2004, 22:39
All right, I am interested in everything:)