View Full Version : Reducing School fees?

08-02-2009, 23:00
With salary cuts and job losses around, shouldn't some of these expensive schools reduce their fees as well?

Wondering what fellow expats (with children) feel about this????


09-02-2009, 00:57
It's a catch-22 all around -
on the one hand, you point is perfectly reasonable - but if they charge in rubles, in fact they will probably be RAISING their fees to make up for the inflation that is beginning to spike
this means that texbooks cost more, and that they have to pay their teachers more so that they can afford to buy food, etc

of course, if rates are calculated in dollars, you could certainly make a case that the price should go down a bit, but I don't see it happening - just like the prices for gasoline here don't show any sign of going down much while world oil prices have plummetted -
they will only go down if they have to, and there aren't alternative schools that are both good and cheap - AAS, at least, still has a waiting list in many grades, high fees notwithstanding

16-03-2009, 19:48
The unfortunate irony is that the international schools are heavily over-subscribed, especially AAS. And most of the expats haven't had their earnings cut appreciably so school fees are not an issue for most families. Combined with long waiting lists, there isn't much chance they will cut their charges, especially since they are not high by international standards. One thing they may want to consider offering is limited financial assistance.

I spoke to AAS and they now have waiting lists in all grades in St Petersburg. That is a first.

17-03-2009, 12:07
My daughter goes to a private Russian school called Erudit. We're very happy, but it's annoying that they still will not tell us what their fees will be for next year.
I know this is a time of uncertainty, but I think they are trying to work out what they can get away with.
But my view is that most of their costs are in roubles, so they should not raise them in line with the devaluation.

Andy B
17-03-2009, 12:46
Sad but true, if demand is not down then it is unlikely that they will lower prices.

At the end of the day, they are still businesses and have to make a profit. If their costs have increased due to the Rouble decline then it is even more unlikely that they will lower costs (if they don't have to).

18-03-2009, 19:19
Actually, not all the private schools in Moscow are for profit (commerical). The Anglo-American School is a not-for-profit organisation. Until recently, it was the only non-for-profit international school in Moscow. This can be an important distinction as it affects how transparent institutions are and how they are governed. The US, British and Canadian Embassies have representatives who sit on AAS' Board.