View Full Version : Were can you get a Russian visa prossesing

08-02-2009, 16:06
business visa 1 entry.
As an American in Moscow it is very very expensive to try to go back and forth every 3 months. I was wondering if anyone knew of another way to get my visa progressing done closer to Russia. I have been told that I can go to the Ukraine and get it possessed in about 4 days. Is this correct? If it is what other countries can this be done in?

09-02-2009, 10:16
As far as I understand, a rule change last year (or perhaps november 2007) requires you to get your new visa in your country of residence, which is theoretically any country other than Russia because with a business visa you are not supposed to be able to stay here for more than 3 months out of six months.

Of course if you have received multiple, concurrent visas of 3 months each and have stayed here for more than 183 days of the calender year, you are technically a resident of Russia, so in this case they will change the interpretation of the rule to mean "country of citizenship".