View Full Version : Yoshkar-Ola

07-02-2009, 20:57
I would like to learn as much as possible...

All info is welcome....

I will travel to Yoshkar-Ola this summer...


Larry Paradine
09-02-2009, 22:49
Hi Joakim.

Sorry, I haven't any info about Йюшкар- Ола. To my shame, I'm afraid. I live in Cheboksary, just an hour and a half by bus from that city, and have been in Cheboksary on and off for ten years. Why have I never made the short journey? My wife, a Russian born and bred in Cheboksary, has also never been to Йюшкар Ола, but that doesn't inhibit her from declaring firmly that there's nothing worth seeing there. Ten years' experience has taught me that her opinions on that sort of matter are too subjective to be trusted but, nevertheless, Й-О remains unknown territory to me, though I've been to almost every other town in Мари-ел. A couple of years ago an American friend of mine went there two or three times, travelling from Тольятти. He undertook the journey for personal reasons (cherchez la femme!), but didn't seem enthused by the city. Okay, let's have a pact. Whichever of us should be the first to travel to the Mari-El capital will notify the other, and anyone else interested, of his impressions, through this forum. Договарились?