View Full Version : Old clothes needed for prisoners

06-02-2009, 16:18
A friend of mine is trying to organise parcels of mens clothing to send to Russian prisoners in need. All clothing will be gratefully accepted but there is a particular need for warm winter clothing and shoes. If you have any old clothes that you would like to donate please email sheltermoscow@gmail.com for details about where collections are being made.

28-04-2009, 17:25
Is female clothing also needed?

28-04-2009, 17:42
Thanks for informing us
Good timing for me I was considering throw away some old winter time clothes
so someone could use them now..

28-04-2009, 17:46
Is female clothing also needed?

I feel sure, unofficially, that there may well be some cross-dressers in prisons :devil: