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Gay Dad
13-09-2004, 15:31
Rooty-tooty-ramadama-ding... dong.

Gay Dad
13-09-2004, 15:34
Well? Don't just look! Get widdit, alright?

Tickety-tee-tickety-tum... bwar-bwar-fardy-fum...

Gay Dad
13-09-2004, 15:38



Col. Brokov
13-09-2004, 15:41
Dear Sir,
Are you totally stupid?

Gay Dad
13-09-2004, 15:41
14... Is you like the audience or somefink?

Blim-blam-bloom... harrang-de-dang-daroom...

13-09-2004, 15:46
---- ---- is bored.

Gay Dad
13-09-2004, 15:47
27... Audience? Maaan, you is all my bitches! Come and see da man do his thang...

Hot-dippety-dang... ftang-ftang-ftang...

Gay Dad
13-09-2004, 15:50
Yo, Braders! Is you house trained? Coz you ain't comin' in here if you ain't. I don't want no poopin' on me Persians maaan!

Sidney Bliss
13-09-2004, 15:51
Originally posted by Braders
---- ---- is bored.

Is this a game of hangman?

M--- ---Y?

Gay Dad
13-09-2004, 15:53
44... I is singin' and youz is mingin'

gam-gam-gam-gam... flam-flam-flam... floop-doop-de dang...

Col. Brokov
13-09-2004, 15:54
Good call Sidney, we might as well use this thread for something INTELLIGENT!

13-09-2004, 15:55
Originally posted by Sidney Bliss
Is this a game of hangman?


:rolleyes: I thought "m*therf**r"should be ending with "R"....would you enlighten me what word it was then??

Gay Dad
13-09-2004, 15:59
...and 80! Maaan, I'm on fire!!!

I is gettin' more looks dan any of youz lot! Check dis out...

muma-duma-ruma-buma... huma-muha-yahahaha... ha-hah-haH!!

Gay Dad
13-09-2004, 16:05
...93... Look at me!

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!!!!

Gay Dad
13-09-2004, 16:10

...ahhhhhh... maaaaaaan.... is youz slow!

Youz guys is educated?!!

Gay Dad
13-09-2004, 16:18

You is da man! You is like da 1984 in da George Orwell book innit!

You is da ministry of information in da Terry Gilliam film, Brazil!

Yeah maaan! Coz you is too slow...

Gay Dad
13-09-2004, 16:20
Yeah... dis is kool! Dis is too kool fo' yo' skool!!


Gay Dad
13-09-2004, 16:26
Braders wanna shut me down. He got da power. He da man.

He control da forum.

Kadorum-kadorum... ya-finkee-gonna-score-sum?

13-09-2004, 16:27
Isn't Ali G a bit passe ????

13-09-2004, 16:35
Originally posted by Gay Dad
Braders wanna shut me down. He got da power. He da man.

He control da forum.

Kadorum-kadorum... ya-finkee-gonna-score-sum?

Sorry i was just catching up on Classic Eastenders!

The power? oh yeah hmmm, that, right, short back and sides or a number 1 all over?

13-09-2004, 22:12
this has got to be my top vote for stupidest thread ever on expat...that is quite an achievement

Gay Dad
15-09-2004, 14:56
Yeah maaan, and it is also da most wickedest innit!

Youz geezers just can't restist!!!

Ezist-ezist-ezist... re-re-re-er-er-er... da-da-da...

16-09-2004, 04:39
Say gay dad, you from detroit ?