View Full Version : Attention! Tap water in Moscow could be poisoned!

13-09-2004, 11:13
It also could be another stupid panic spam. But just to be on the safe side, please read.

Сообщаемая информация не слух, а официальная информация, разосланная ФСБ телеграммами по администрациям больниц, поликлиник, скорой помощи Москвы и Московской области (это стандартная процедура в случае угрозы вреда здоровью массе людей, т.к. данные службы должны быть в первую очередьв курсе). Кроме того, соответствующие объявления уже развешены во многих лечебных учреждениях.


"По имеющейся у спец.служб информации в настоящее время планируется террористическая акция по отравлению питьевой воды в Москве или в Московской области, биологическое (например, сальмонэлиоз) или химическое (например, цианид). К сожалению, точной информации по месту и характеру отравления нет. Но необходимо уделить особое внимание всем случаям отравлений, особенно массовым."

Меры предосторожности:

Пить только кипяченую воду (ни в коем случае сырую), желательно предварительно пропущенную через очищающие фильтры.

Предупредите всех кого, знаете.

Maine Surfer
13-09-2004, 11:53
Just ******* great :(

13-09-2004, 12:01
между прочим распространение подобной информации дело подсудное.

совсем заняться нечем?!!!

13-09-2004, 14:09
As I wrote a couple people:

who actually drinks tap water in moscow anyway? it is common knowledge (i

thought) that it was polluted and should not be drunk, unless boiled.

also, i highly doubt the FSB would bother telling hospitals this -- look at

the dubrovka raid in 2002: they used poisonous gas on hostages and didn't

even bother to tell hospitals what it was so that doctors could combat its


also, I can't imagine that boiling or filtering water would get rid of

cyanide! Salmonella, maybe....

Maine Surfer
13-09-2004, 14:28
I actually drink tap water filtered through a BRITA.
We used to buy bottled water, but then switched after a friend of mine told me how they bottle it. Moscow tap water isn't that bad actually, much better to compare to other big cities.

And no, boiling and filtering it will not get rid of cyanide

13-09-2004, 14:40
How exactly do they bottle it???

As long as you drink mineral water and not spring water, you should be alright.

13-09-2004, 14:53
So would this explain why no one showers ??? :p

Maine Surfer
13-09-2004, 14:55
Just fill large bottles with tap water sometimes.

I don't like carbonated water.

13-09-2004, 16:07
Buy decent brand spring water from a reputable supermarket (I can vouch for Shishkin Les and of course St Springs; Ramstore water is made by St Springs last time I checked though this could have changed) and you'll be OK. A litre of tap water was enough to give me cramps once, but I fully suspect that this was a psychosomatic effect.

Maine Surfer
13-09-2004, 16:56
I can't tell the diffrence between Brita filtered tap water and bottled water fm supermarkets.

13-09-2004, 17:34
The question then is cost - if you're coming out ahead or prefer the convenience of the Brita, stick with it. If you're like me and are convinced that despite all scientific research to the contrary, there is something healthier about drinking spring water, then go with the better brands.

13-09-2004, 19:44
Stupid rumor. The water here is drinkable - it has a higher-than-desired level of minerals but is safe. At least in Moscow. Not in St Petes.

Maybe not the best flavor but it is safe. Enough with the paranoia.