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10-09-2004, 14:35
How about a website/forum whereby any musicians that are interested in joining/forming a band can list what instruments they play, how many years they have been playing and what their influences.

Similarly, i play in an Expat football league and would be interested in recruiting players for our team, so the same kind of thiong applies....age, how good they think they are etc.

I know you have a Music, Lessons, Buy/Sell sections but it would eb good if you could view all the information listed above about individuals.

Let me know what you think .


10-09-2004, 15:55
Yes, lets keep it out of general folders

10-09-2004, 22:43
As far as I've seen there are only a small handful of people who ever post about this kind of thing...certainly not enough to warrant a forum dedicated to it.

Let's see how many answer this thread though, perhaps I'm wrong...?!

11-09-2004, 00:07
Agreed DPG, unfortunaltely not enough peeps to warrent a folder, sorry guys

15-09-2004, 19:17
Well, if you roll-in classical music too... there are a couple of choirs especially for expats, an expat orchestra that meets sometimes...

... then there are at least 3-4 site members who've come to Moscow especially to undertake high-level studies at the Conservatoire here...

... so there are quite a few. Although how busy the forum would be, I don't know.