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26-01-2009, 18:27
Hi again,

Since I am going to move in advance of my family and live by myself the first six months my employer is putting me in an apartment temporary...

They are suggesting 1st Miusskaya avenue (close to belorusskaya metro)

As I am going to work in khimki area I guess it is easy to go on leningradsky prospect west in the morning and the opposite in the evening..

My question. Is it a nice area?, easy to shop around, any gyms close?, nice parks if my family is visting?

It would be good to have some input as I am not going until next month and might have a chance to have a saying in the matter..:10518:

26-01-2009, 19:11
I used to live on a neighbouring street and I would say it's a nice area, quiet at night, but nice and central so it's quick and easy to go places and get home again after a night out. There's a small shopping centre with a nice supermarket (Perekrestok) right next to Novoslobodskaya metro station (I would say it's closer to that than Belorusskaya), and an outdoor market with all kinds of fresh produce a little further up that road (Novoslobodskaya street). There is a gym there which looked reasonable, and there's a small park/grassy square right next door. It's also not far from Durov's Animal Theatre (http://www.moscow.info/children/durov-animal-theater.aspx), which might be fun to go to with your family.