View Full Version : Russian (moscow)Visa help =/

07-09-2004, 21:04
So, i've been planning this trip to Russia for over a year. I have my plane tickets and passport long paid for... But now its about time to apply for a tourist visa and i've run into a few problems.

It seems, they want the voucher / itinerary for my hotel and such... but, i never planne to stay at a hotel. I have friends there with whom i was planning to stay.

99% of the hostel / hotel websites say that they will register guests and non guests, but just about every manager i have contancted said they will only register guests. I think maybe because of new terrorists threats ?

I'm really at a loss here. I can't afford to stay, neither do i want to stay in a hotel for the length of my trip, but how else will i get around it ? I have heard there are some travel agencies who will pretty much fill all that in for you, i was wondering if anyone knew of them ? I was going to use www.getrussian.com, they have their own offices in moscow and peterburg, and have very good rates. Has anyone used them ? or does anyone know how to help ?