View Full Version : Need a place to print like 500 pages

23-01-2009, 00:55
I am looking to print like 500 pages. I have a printer, but want to see if there is a place that could do it cheap and maybe bind it. It's for a class I'm taking, they didn't get the course pack ready in time (to send it to me while I was in the US) so now I have to access it electronically, yuck. There are tons of other online readings so I just figure it would be good to have it printed and maybe bound all together. Does anyone know of a good place that does that?

23-01-2009, 10:42
Of course Copymax!!!
They make everything - copying,binding ..even with large formats..and very quickly..I made a printing there, but from flash-card....I am sure it could be done online either....
Prices there affordable, but you need to check yourself on their site....Google it..

Good luck...