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stone the crow
04-09-2004, 22:37
Hi all, just wondering if anyone can recommend a travel agency that does good deals on ski holdays to europe?

Anyone got advice or recommendations on resorts and countries. three people going, daughter and wife never skiied, before and the third(me) not for a long time.

Also, does anyone know if anyone in Moscow will be showing live the Ozzie Rules Grand Final, i think the 25th of Sept??

07-09-2004, 17:33
Good idea to book your ski-ing holiday now, most Germans I know booked theirs more than half a year ago ;) . I was browsing on the net in order to find a new place that would suit all our needs (from very advanced to complete beginner, ages from 7 to 55...) and I quite liked this site, you just enter what you want and it gives you a selection of resorts: www.ski-europe.com. If you don't need a visa you might be better off with a western travel agency, it's pretty expensive from here, however, basically there is Natalie tours and VKO, the other agencies subtreat. I know quite a few resorts in France, Switzerland, Austria and Andorra, feel free to p.m me if you need. Enjoy!