View Full Version : Improved Ignore Function

02-09-2004, 23:08
Any chance vbulletin will introduce a better Ignore function that either allows for ignoring threads or for making Ignore-amuses disappear without the ever so tempting click to read option? Alternately, can you give our latest resident fruitcake his own folder and deny him access to the rest of the site??

Yes, I know about alt f4 :)

02-09-2004, 23:44
What a relief!!!

Polar, thanks for reminding of that option!!! Now I can be free at least for 95% from that total crap coming from Sir Gay, that is polluting every thread here.... Unfortunately some (very few, to be honest) people find it necessary to quote his messages in their replies... maybe I should ingnore them too.

02-09-2004, 23:53
Yes - but don't follow in the giant evil footsteps of the 85 stone polar bear and click on every turd that the (fill in your favourite pejorative noun) deposits, unless you have the fortitude not to reply in turn!